Biography of Jimmy C. Jones

Jimmy Jones began to play music at the tender age of 5 years old with his father's band.  He would sing and play with his mandolin.  They entertained for a lot of the local dances.  When he was 15 years old he started playing with the "West Texas Playboys."  The group included his cousins Tommy and Billy Jones.  They had a very talented 5 piece band.  They became quite popular playing for the Lions Club, the VFW, School dances and Sr. Proms.  At the age of 17 the group traveled with the March of Dimes all summer long.  Jimmy was the lead singer and guitar player.  He bought him a brand new Ford convertible and lots of nice clothes and had a grand ole time playing and singing country music.  In 1955 they won the Sunny James Talent Contest and were headed to Nashville, TN, to debut their hit song, "Blue, Alone and Lonesome," at the Grand Ole Opry.  RCA records recorded the song for them.

Around the same time Jimmy met a cute little girl named Dorothy Fay Perry at the local drive-in movie show in Gainesville, Texas.  He wanted to date her but her mother said, "you'll have to come to church with her first."  Well, Jimmie went with Dorothy and liked what he saw and heard at that little country church! 

He quit the band that he was playing in and made the decision to sing Gospel Music for the Lord!

In 1995, 40 years later Jimmy's dream came true.  He sang at the "Grand Ole Opry" in Nashville, TN with the group 1 A Chord, (his oldest daughter Mary Fay and his sister, accomplished songwriter and singer, Connie Perry).  It took him awhile to get there but he did it God's way.  They have recorded 5 CD's together and have received many awards!  Jimmie was inducted into the "Country Gospel Music Hall of Fame" in 1999!  In 2000 he was voted Media Personality of the Year by CGMA (Country Gospel Music Association). 

Jimmy and Dorothy have 9 beautiful children together.  5 daughters and 4 sons.  They have 19 grandchildren, many who are already involved in music and recording.  The Jones Family which includes their family group 1 A Chord, his daughter Dinah (Formerly of the group "Dinah & The Desert Crusaders") and her daughter Andrea along with "The Jones Sisters" (Bonnie, Connie and Dinah) began a Television Show on the Day Star Television Network called "The Texas Country Gospel Show."  The show has been on the air for 11+ years and reaches a potential audience of over 60 million viewers a week.  The Texas Country Gospel Show has won an award for "Best Country Gospel Television Show."  And also won Top Television Show for 5 years in a row.
Jimmy's 1999-2000 venture was "The Jones Family Theater" in Farmers Branch, Texas.  Many of the Jones family were involved in the live entertainment.  Every Saturday night they brought good family entertainment to the Dallas area.  They brought Country Gospel, Bluegrass, Inspirational, Southern Gospel Music, Youth Concerts and Christian Comedy.  During the week, they hosted events ranging from religious conferences to speaking engagements.  Jimmy C. Jones enjoys making music with his family and gives thanks to God who has blessed him with a very talented family who are following in his footsteps.

That Little String of Lights

 When I was just a young man
I met the girl I love
Her Mama told me, “Now Jimmy”
“You can’t date my daughter”
“If you don’t serve the Lord”
Jesus came into my heart
and He set me free
I made my home in Gainesville, Texas
Instead of Nashville, Tennessee

 He set my feet on a new path
Filled me with His Holy
Gave me a desire to sing for Jesus
The one I love the most. 

I went to my Pastor
and shared my heart’s desire
We agreed together
God sent down the fire

 I had my old guitar
and a song within my heart
Brother Houghton had the Word
God supplied a vacant lot 

Satan didn’t like it, he put up a fight
But with hearts and hands together
We hung a little string of lights

 Singing, shouting, praising
And the preaching of the Word
Could be heard for blocks around
To the glory of the Lord.

 That was many years ago
Brother Houghton’s with the Lord
I will sing for Jesus
In a group called “1 A Chord.”

 The Church is still a growing
To my heart’s delight
But I’ll always remember
The night we hung
That little string of lights

 That little string of lights
That little string of lights

Written by Mrs. Jessie Pembroke, June 13, 1993 Dedicated to Jimmy & Dorothy Jones 
(Based on the testimony of Jimmy Jones shared at the Church of Jesus Christ Gainesville, Texas.)

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